Total Care Transport's Commitment to Customer Care

So much more than just picking someone up and driving them somewhere.

Its drivers always first check each client’s wellbeing to make sure they are fit for the journey. They then double check passengers have their belongings, bags and most importantly any required medication. Finally wheelchairs or other mobility equipment is inspected to ensure no malfunctions en route.

Each passenger is treated like the unique individual they are rather than just invalid. Time is taken to explain to every person where they are going, who else will be picked up during the trip and what they will be doing upon arrival.

Constant reassurance is given during the journey irrespective of the passenger’s cognitive or communication abilities.

TCT respects their thoughts and feelings and understand the journey is so much more than “just giving someone a ride”.

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Total Care Transport Represents:

Customer Care
Cost Effectiveness


Total Care Transport. People with disabilities, driving with dignity.