Total Care Transport Services

The boutique transport company caters solely for people with disabilities, ranging from people with hearing and visual impairments to those living with severe physical and intellectual disabilities.

TCT is Melbourne’s premier service provider for non-for-profit organisations and government services responsible for transporting more than 1000 people with disabilities every week.

Reliability is paramount as the extensive network co-ordinates passengers’ needs with clockwork precision from the inner city to the outer suburbs of Melbourne and beyond.

Drivers perform logistical feats every day in picking up and dropping off dozens of people to social gatherings, medical appointments and sporting and community events.

A comprehensive schedule is devised in conjunction with nursing homes, aged-care facilities, government services and non-profit organisations to cater for each passenger’s long-term transport needs.

Relax, you're in good hands...

Total Care Transport Represents:

Customer Care
Cost Effectiveness


Total Care Transport. People with disabilities, driving with dignity.